Welcome to Ladies Technical Lifting Class in Clapham

Welcome to Ladies Technical Lifting Class in Clapham

Welcome to Ladies Technical Lifting Class in ClaphamWelcome to Ladies Technical Lifting Class in ClaphamWelcome to Ladies Technical Lifting Class in Clapham

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Ladies Technical Lifting


Technique Class

Ladies Technical Lifting Class in Clapham will cover the main lifts like the Squat, Deadlift, Pull Up, Overhead Press, Bench, even Olympic lifts like the Clean and Jerk and Snatch plus much more. We will split the class into 2 sections within the gym. First hour (1pm) of the class will be the main lift like the squat. We would cover all the progressions and regression where needed to enable the participants to be able to get the full benefits of the exercise like fat loss, changing body shape, muscle activation and athletic performance. Learning to lift safely and covering all the technical parts of the lift. Second Hour (2pm) of the class will look at how we can use Lifting to improve fat metabolism, cardio vascular health, strength and help improved all round confidence. The class will be taken each week by Dave Brockway who is a personal training in Clapham at the club. Plus a Level 1,2 & 3 Qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach, Poliquin level 1 & 2 certified trainer with over 30 years of experience lifting and coaching strength and weight training for both athletic performance and body transformation. After the class you will receive an in depth PDF of the main points of the class.

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Why Pick Our Class

I wanted to create a practical class with a non judgemental environment. Exclusively for ladies who want to learn how to lift. It’s ideal for complete beginners who want to start lifting through to advanced lifters who want to improve. Most gym goers don’t get the full benefits from an exercise as the technical movement isn’t executed correctly. Most people have the strength to do pull ups they just don't understand how to fire the muscles correctly.The class will be a small group of 6-8 ladies of all different fitness and skill levels. I’ve been lifting for 30 years and I still think there is always room for improvement. The small classes are to enable everyone to receives-

  1. Enough time under the bar to feel confident to continue practicing after the session
  2. Enables participants to get the most from the session. 


Why Weights For Women

As the landscape of gyms are changing and many women are seeing the benefits of lifting weights correctly. Like increase long term fat loss, shaping your body optimally, improving health and posture. No longer is the weights area male dominated and ladies have realised girls who lift are toned, lean and strong. Dispelling one of the longest running weight loss and fitness myths that who lift weights, you will get ‘bulky’. I’d say in the past year 4 out 5 email enquiries for personal training have been from women who want to learn how to lift and get the benefits from the weights area. 

Not only that is so much fun adding weight to a bar over time.

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The 1pm class will cover all technical movements like before like squats, deadlifts, pull ups. Then the 2pm class will be a group workout looking at different systems of strength, fat loss, endurance and performance.

The popularity of the class is great and it books up pretty quick which has surpassed my expectation for the class. I really enjoy teaching the classes even though it has  been hard work writing the PDF and formatting the classes it has really become my highlight of the week watching everyone improve. 

Booking starts on Monday and limited to 6-8 people.

Max 8 per class book through Dave 07908 640693 or

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Ladies Technical Lifting Class

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